Meet The Team – Vicky

Meet The Team – Vicky

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All Hail Vicky!

Vicky Chronowska, an extraordinary individual, has been serving as a freight forwarder for nearly two years and has been with Tuscor Lloyds for eight months, managing both sea and road freight operations.

Her daily responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, including coordinating bookings for customers, organising haulage, load and lash operations, handling customs procedures, clearing goods, and engaging in general administrative work.

Vicky starts her day by checking emails, promptly addressing urgent matters. She ensures morning collections and deliveries are on time whilst keeping customers informed. She verifies upcoming vessel departures and responds quickly to any changes or delays.

She means serious business! Vicky keeps herself up to date with carrier updates and maintains constant communication with her customers.

When asked to describe her the core values, Vicky passionately emphasises the importance of “teamwork, knowledge, imagination, and professionalism”.

But her heroic efforts don’t end there! She remains vigilant for any cut-off alterations, and confirms estimated times of arrival. Amidst all these responsibilities, she manages to handle bookings and arrange any additional services required by her valued customers!

Where would Tuscor Lloyds world be without you, super Vicky?


Vicky Chronowska

Operations Clerk