Southampton Port Visit

Southampton Port Visit

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Embarking on a journey of discovery, the Tuscor Lloyds team recently enjoyed an inspiring tour of the Southampton port, courtesy of Williams Shipping and DP World Southampton, whom we greatly thank for their hospitality during our team’s visit.

This trip was not just a routine business trip but an exciting opportunity to explore deeper into the world of maritime operations on the ground and build on existing relationships within the industry.

Southampton has long been a central hub for shipping and logistics into and out of the UK, making it an ideal location for professionals getting to further understand cargo handling operations firsthand.

The visit also provided valuable insights into the technological developments driving the maritime industry forward. The team had the chance to witness automated systems streamlining processes, the precision and coordination involved, showcasing the knowledge of the port’s staff and the advanced equipment at their disposal.

I have heard terms such as reach stackers, straddle carriers and gantry cranes before but now I know what all the machines look like, how they work and what they do. I was able to see containers being loaded to trains, containers being moved into the stacks ready for loading to incoming vessels, the huge cranes and even a vessel being pulled in for berthing by tugboats. It was great seeing all of this up close – Callum

Beyond the technical aspects, the visit helped get insight knowledge. Engaging with the experts at the terminal, allowing our team to gain a deeper understanding of industry trends, challenges, and best practices.

We had meetings with various members of DP World, from both the commercial and operational sides. There was a couple of key points that they were keen to raise. 1) Sustainability – There are various different ideas in place to this end, whether it be using cleaner fuel for the vehicles in port such as reach stackers or offering rebates for customers who move containers to and from port via rail instead of trucking. 2) Expansion – There’s very little area in which the port can expand outwards, there simply isn’t the land available. Instead, they’re looking at expanding upwards, by purchasing new reach stackers that allow containers to be stacked higher – 3 high instead of 2 high.

From the operational staff the main aim was efficiency – what can they do to make sure the port is working as fast as it can. – Luke

We asked the team on their new knowledge and understanding gained from exploring the shipping port, and how they thought the experience has contributed to their professional development or understanding of the industry…

Being able to now visualise the port processes will help me in my role as a freight forwarder. With so many steps between the cargo arriving at the Port to when it loads to the vessel, I can appreciate the time and effort it takes to get to that last step. Understandably things don’t always go right especially when the high winds hit so being able to explain things to my customers as well as knowing the solutions will massively help should these issues ever come up.  – Callum

The experience left the team with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the maritime industry. The trip was a reminder of the importance of continuous learning and collaboration in driving innovation and excellence in our field.

A huge thank you to Williams Shipping and DP World Southampton for the invaluable opportunity and experience they provided to our team during the visit. We look forward to further visits and continued innovative educational growth in the near future.

Until the next trip!