UK firm develops nuclear-powered desalination ship concept

UK firm develops nuclear-powered desalination ship concept

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news summary

The UK firm, Core Power specialising in developing atomic propulsion solutions has proposed a new business concept for shipping. They believe floating desalination plants could be the way forward for providing fresh water globally.

Core powered pointed out in a recent report that land-based desalination plants have a high cost of construction, maintenance and provision of fuel for these facilities. Using floating desalination facilities built in the ship hulls, powered by micro reactors can provide both desalinated water and electrical power. 

The benefits of this concept would be efficiencies of shipyard construction, decreasing deployment time and lower costs. In addition, this means they would be more flexible with their movement. “Core Power floating nuclear-powered desalination facilities could provide fresh water to all littoral states, safely, sustainably and without emissions. The dramatic changes in weather patterns means that rapid deployment is essential, without the years of planning and construction needed to build land-based desalination plants,” said Mikal Bøe, chairman and CEO or Core Power. With changes to the climate and the growing population, global desalination demand is expected to reach 266 cu m per day by 2050.

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