Which Industries Move The Most Demanding Cargoes?

Which Industries Move The Most Demanding Cargoes?

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With 28 years of experience in shipping logistics, we have worked with a wide range of industries. We have welcomed challenges and managed thousands of projects, moving cargo to the world’s most unreachable destinations. Over the years we have expanded our knowledge and growth to become specialists in project cargo shipments. Now, in 2022, the most demanding projects are just part of our everyday life. We have built strong relationships and reputations in many industries, and we understand how unique every sector is. Each industry and each element require different knowledge and a different approach

Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas shipments need to reach the most remote destinations due to the constant technological advancements around the world. With our strong connections and geographical understanding, we can move oversized and heavy equipment in the most cost-effective way. An OOG project completed last year delivering oil well equipment from the UK to the Caribbean is just one example. 

Construction Industry

Construction is also an industry we are trusted in. Specialist construction equipment is not easy to move as it can vary in size. Usually, the equipment requires an overweight, over height out of gauge service. However, with our expertise and trusted suppliers, we can meet the strict deadlines. One of our projects consisted of an LL6060 Bucket being transported form South Africa to Chile via sea freight. Visit our case studies for more detail!

Mining Industry

Next, the mining industry. Not only are the mining operations carried away from areas of major infrastructure, but they also require equipment which cannot be moved without specific knowledge of different project cargo services. Fortunately, we have both the experience in the industry and connections all over the world, which allow us to move any mining equipment in the safe and timely manner. 

Renewable Energy

Tuscor Lloyds are always happy to take part in any initiatives that help humans to live in more sustainable and environment-friendly way! We work with a variety of renewable energy companies to deliver specialist materials to manufacturing plants across the globe. We have over 20 years’ experience in moving heavy industrial machinery for a variety of customers. One example of the type of cargo we move in this industry is solar farm installation. This cargo was loaded at Shanghai to be delivered to the UK.