Why forwarders should consider digital bookings in 2022

Why forwarders should consider digital bookings in 2022

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Technological advancements are changing the way many industries operate, especially logistics. With new and emerging markets, technological improvements has enabled companies to utilise their supply chain. The more traditional ways are time consuming which has made companies turn to new developments that provide faster ways to get quotes.

In previous years, back and forth emails were the chosen way to book cargo. However, this was time consuming and could cause rates to change leading to a loss of business. Cargo.one is now using a cargo booking system via an e-booking platform, allowing customers to access real time prices and availabilities of multiple carriers. This method enables customers to compare prices and availability to best suit their cargo demands. 

With the introduction of e-booking systems, freight forwarders will not only make it easier for customers to get rates for their cargo, but they will likely attract more people. Access to real time rates and availability will be a huge factor for customers when deciding how to move their cargo. Providing this information will give forwarders a valuable and unique competitive advantage. 

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