Tuscor Lloyds excels in handling Nigeria’s diverse trade commodities, offering specialized logistics solutions. Our services feature efficient cargo handling, robust supply chain management, and tailored transportation options for exports like crude oil, cocoa, and agricultural products, as well as imports such as machinery and food items. With expertise in air and sea freight, we ensure reliable, cost-effective shipping solutions for Nigeria’s bustling economy.

Nigeria routes

Nigeria Shipping routes

Nigeria, situated in West Africa, boasts a diverse economy primarily reliant on oil production, agriculture, and services. Tuscor Lloyds proudly offers comprehensive air freight and sea freight services to this dynamic nation.

Nigeria’s main exports encompass crude oil, petroleum products, cocoa, rubber, and various agricultural products. Conversely, the country’s main imports comprise machinery, equipment, chemicals, manufactured goods, and food products. Tuscor Lloyds specializes in facilitating the transportation of these commodities, leveraging our expertise in air and sea freight to ensure efficient, secure, and timely delivery, supporting Nigeria’s bustling trade landscape.

  • Port of Lagos/Apapa 
  • Port of Tin Can Island 
  • Port of Onne  
  • Port of Harcourt 
  • Murtala Muhammed International Airport  
  • Port Harcourt International Airport