Our specialized team caters specifically to Air Freight and Sea Freight services, focusing on North America’s shipping routes. Tuscor Lloyds operates bustling offices in Toronto and Houston, key hubs in our network. Renowned for its massive ports like Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Vancouver, North America hosts some of the globe’s largest and busiest maritime hubs.

North America routes

North America Shipping routes

North America, including major cities like Houston, Toronto, New York, and Montreal, stands as a key destination for Tuscor Lloyds’ regular shipments. Our shipping routes from Europe extend to the USA and Canada, ensuring comprehensive coverage across the continent. Leveraging our specialized Air Freight & Sea Freight teams, we provide diverse freight services crucial for effective supply chain management.

Tuscor Lloyds prides itself on being a premier UK-based freight forwarding company, offering tailored air freight and sea freight services to North America. With expertise in managing cargo across continents, we ensure reliable and efficient transportation, supporting trade connections between Europe and various North American cities.