Tuscor Lloyds’ ability to transport heavy equipment to inaccessible areas of the world (as well as major transport hubs) makes us the ideal choice for Oil and Gas Shipping. After moving thousands of pieces of oil and gas equipment, our experience in heavy transportation is second to none.  Tuscor Lloyds projects teams work using local and global infrastructure to execute project movements by intelligently coordinating resources and orchestrating timing of movements throughout shipments.

Oil and gas shipping experts
Oil and Gas Shipping

As new offshore oil and gas fields are discovered, large and complex project cargo shipments are required to get the specialised and often oversized / heavy equipment to locations across the world. With our project forwarding expertise, geographical understanding and flexibility; Tuscor Lloyds is a proven and reliable transportation service provider for oil and gas shipping.

Our global connections were utilised in our Batam Island case. Due to the lack of liners to Batam Island, we had to employ our partner in Singapore to hire a barge to move the cargo from Singapore to Batam Island.

- Temperature controlled vehicles and reefer containers
- Stuffing and un-stuffing services
- Multiple pick-up and delivery
- Freight Insurance
- Customs clearance and documentation
- Stock of certified ISO / CSC plated shipping containers -