They say, ‘the best things in life are free’, and it is definitely true up to a point. But the follow-up to this quote should go: ‘yet there are some worth paying for, and one of them is Breakbulk Expo’! Could you think of a better way to enjoy yourself in a great company and widen your network at the same time?

Each year, Tuscor Lloyds invests in the BB Event and spends months preparing for it. The exhibition has been a platform for us to communicate our brand and grow our network, and it has never disappointed us.

This year was just as amazing as always, and some say, it was even better! We met lots of incredible, inspiring people and we hope these connections become valuable relationships over the next months. The heat did not stop any of us enjoying our time at Breakbulk Europe.


Thank you

To everyone who visited us at our stand!

To everyone who shared their thoughts and valuable insights!

To all the regular visitors who pop in every year to catch up and say hello!

To all the new visitors who found our stand and services interesting!

We hope to stay in touch!

As always, for Tuscor Lloyds, people are the most important ingredient of a successful business. Therefore no one should be surprised – Breakbulk is our favourite event!

The other exciting part of the Exhibition, is thinking up unexpected themes for our stand. For years we’ve been choosing concepts which allow us to express our team’s creativity and individuality. This year we presented Tuscor Lloyds as Your Cargo’s Concierge because we believe this expresses our commitment. A Concierge is someone you can rely on to have the most accurate knowledge and savvy in a certain subject/place. A Concierge is someone who will assist you with various tasks and can help you to solve the most awkward problems. And this is exactly what we do on daily basis! Our approach to logistics is to provide our partners with tailor-made solutions and treat each of them with care.

Through all these years in the industry, we have long realised that there is no perfect strategy, but there is a perfect approach – treat your customers individually and each shipment with care.’

General Manager of Tuscor Lloyds

Here is the video we’ve prepared to remember this great experience, have a look!

Instead of using the bells we handed out at the show, we highly advise using cell phones. We are always there ready to deliver the perfect customer service. Call us when you need!

Thank you!

Tuscor Lloyds Team
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