Tuscor Lloyds specializes in air and sea freight services for Papua New Guinea, ensuring efficient transport of gold, copper, oil, and agricultural produce. Our expertise includes secure handling of commodities and machinery imports, with tailored logistics solutions for timely and reliable shipping. With a global network, we guarantee seamless trade connections, supporting PNG’s economic growth with precision and reliability.

Papua New Guinea routes

Papua New Guinea Shipping routes

Papua New Guinea (PNG), positioned in the western Pacific Ocean north of Australia, engages Tuscor Lloyds’ specialized air freight and sea freight services. The country’s primary exports encompass commodities like gold, copper, oil, natural gas, and agricultural products such as coffee, cocoa, and palm oil. As for imports, Papua New Guinea typically brings in machinery, manufactured goods, fuel, and food products.

Despite its geographical remoteness, Tuscor Lloyds ensures efficient and secure transportation of Papua New Guinea’s key exports and imports. With our tailored sea freight solutions, we facilitate the movement of valuable commodities and essential goods, contributing to the nation’s trade connections and economic growth.