Tuscor Lloyds has established itself as a highly efficient and respected global operator in diverse project cargo shipments, catering to clients across industries including oil and gas, construction, mining, and plant relocation.

Project Cargo Services

Project Cargo

Tuscor Lloyds has built a remarkable reputation as a highly efficient global operator in various project cargo shipments, serving clients in industries such as oil and gas, construction, mining, and plant relocation.

We thrive on taking on the most challenging, remote, and intricate projects in the industry. Our passion lies in using creativity and intelligence to solve complex logistics problems associated with project cargo.

In the project cargo shipping industry, delivering exceptional customer service and maintaining meticulous attention to detail are paramount. Our extensive experience has taught us never to take anything for granted. The project management staff at Tuscor Lloyds possess the expertise to handle project cargoes of all sizes and shapes, delivering them to destinations worldwide.

As an industry leader in project shipments, Tuscor Lloyds has been honored with awards for our outstanding project logistics services. We have successfully executed thousands of project consignments, gaining expertise in heavy transportation and oversized specialist haulage projects. Our project management teams leverage both local and global infrastructure to intelligently coordinate resources and meticulously orchestrate the timing of movements throughout shipments.

With highly trained and motivated staff dedicated to project cargo, both on-site and in our multiple offices, Tuscor Lloyds is a trusted partner for all your project shipping requirements.

Our expertise in project forwarding encompasses a wide range of services, including out of gauge (OOG), break bulk, oversized loads, heavy lifts, and full or partial vessel chartering. We always choose the shipping method that best suits the cargo and aligns with the specific needs of our customers.


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Project Cargo

Project Cargo Information

  • Assistance in project planning and cost-effective operations
  • Project cargo management throughout shipments
  • Client and on-site coordination

Project Cargo


  • Efficient and professional special cargo handling
  • Cargo packing, securing, lashing and loading
  • Access to specialist haulage equipment