Quick Facts: 

Cargo Origin: Macae, Brazil
Port of Loading: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Port of Discharge: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Equipment: Flat rack containers, trucks and crane

The Challenge

This shipment of thirty cargo baskets from Macae, Brazil to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates weighed a total of 104 tonnes. The job involved a careful project logistic planning, finding truckers in a relatively remote area of Brazil at short notice to collect several loads and meet the specialist breakbulk deep sea vessel with a fast enough route through to the middle-east.

The Solution

This time, Tuscor Lloyds worked against the clock. Our UK project management team had to organise the multimodal transportation of the cargo baskets with varying dimensions and weights from the manufacturers in Macae. The cargo was suited to a particular sailing and had to make it otherwise big charges for storage delays would have followed. Given the order at short notice the team had to work very fast through the night to get the trucks organised in time.

We created a detailed plan for the most efficient method of shipping the 27 pieces and began organising the required specialists for the job.

The first part of the journey was intense. After leaving Macae we arrived in Rio, where the world famous Carnival was taking place which made it difficult to organise workers and staff on the ground, not to mention the extra traffic and road closures which occur during holiday time.

The cargo baskets were delivered to the port of Rio on trucks and then loaded to the vessel using the shore crane. Specialist lifting gear was sourced and provided to enable the gantry crane to handle the equipment. The vessel began its transit to Abu Dhabi and later arrived safely at the destination. The cargo was unloaded and checked for damage, thanks to the expert packing and securing on board the vessel, all of the cargo arrived in perfect condition.

Our project managers arranged for low load trailers to be waiting at the port to receive the discharged cargo, Once discharged and checked the cargo was then transported by road the final leg of the journey to the customer’s door in Abu Dhabi.

The client was very happy that Tuscor Lloyds managed to organise the shipment with such short notice whilst keeping the quality of service so high throughout the shipment process.

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