Subsea X-mass Tree

from the UK to the USA

Moving a Christmas tree is never an easy-peasy job and anyone who ever tried to get this pretty gadget out of the living room, when the New Year starts, knows how violent it can be, jabbing all around in defence. What about the x-mass tree weighing almost 39 thousand kilograms? Call it break bulk and we are there to help.



Our team had faced this challenge when it was not even after Halloween. Well, we all know how early the Christmas season starts in the USA, but this time the X-mass tree was quite of a different type.

After 23 years in the business, often Tuscor Lloyds assists other freight forwarders with demanding projects, to make sure the move goes as smoothly as it can. While transporting the X-mass tree from the UK to the USA, our operations team was ascertaining the condition of the cargo at each stage of the loading and securing and assessing the equipment used in the process.


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Quick Facts:

Port of Loading: Southampton, UK
Port of Discharge: Houston, USA
Cargo: subsea xtree
Cargo Dimensions: 485 cm / 425cm / 398cm
Weight: 38800 kg
Equipment: three flat racks

‘In petroleum and natural gas extraction, a Christmas tree, or “tree”, is an assembly of valves, spools, and fittings used for an oil well, gas well, water injection well, water disposal well, gas injection well, condensate well and other types of wells. It was named for its crude resemblance to a decorated Christmas Tree.’



They say to survive you must be adaptable to change, or in modern language, flexible. Yet it doesn’t mean we should worship spontaneity – there is nothing better than a good plan. And when moving project cargo, you had better have a couple of them.

And work with the people you trust, if you want to be successful.

This time both good planning and great people made the whole process go quickly. The cargo arrived at the terminal in advance of the loading operation. All the measures were accurate and the required tools prepared for the process. Moving the cargo on the vessel seemed to be child’s play and the x-mass tree started its journey without a scratch – and was delivered in such condition as well.

Was it easy? Was it just a lucky break or an effect of favourable circumstances? Not at all. If you know what you’re doing and you chose the right people – you just watch things going to plan. Sometimes not necessarily plan A, but B or C is just as good, just make sure you have them ready.

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