Tuscor Moves: Dairy Filling Factory Machine From UK To China

Dairy filling factory machine
Dairy filling factory machine
Dairy filling factory machine


2 x 40FR (OOG W H)                          from UK

1 x 40OT (OOG H)                               from UK 

9 x 40HC                                              from UK

15 x 40HC                                            from Spain

1 x 20GP                                               from Germany

Terms:                                                  DAP

Delivery:                                              Tianjin Airport

Cargo:                                                  Dairy Filling Factory Machine

Deadline:                                            Chinese New Year close down


Tuscor Lloyds was recently approached to transport a new factory milk filler station to Tianjin Airport, in China. The cargo was manufactured at multiple sites across Europe and needed to be amalgamated to arrive into China before Chinese New Year 2020. The closest port to Tianjin is Xingang Port, so appropriate shipping lines were selected with services that fit the tight delivery schedule.

The brief specified that some parts of the machine were ‘out of gauge’ (the highest being over 4m) so a combination of standard containers, open tops and flatracks were required. The larger pieces were manufactured in the UK and were collected and taken to our specialist loading facility where they were secured for marine transport and sheeted, to safeguard them from adverse weather.

Simultaneously, all in gauge cargo was collected from manufacturing sites in UK, Spain and Germany and loaded into FCL containers, before it was taken to appropriate European ports.

It was critical for all cargo to arrive into China prior to the national Chinese New Year celebrations. All cargo set sail from different European ports on route to Xingang, China.

Once the shipment arrived into Xingang, China all cargo was delivered from Xingang port to Tianjin Airport and unloaded prior to the Chinese close-down for their New Year celebrations.

“What was enjoyable about this particular project was the requirement to coordinate shipments from across Europe to arrive into China at the same time and deliver to the customer before the national close down for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Equipment availability, specialist haulage and vessel planning were all critical to the success of this project.

All our suppliers performed their respective roles to an incredibly high standard in order to transport all cargo from manufacturing centres across Europe to the final destination in China.  Well done to all parties involved”.

– Derek Griffiths, Tuscor Lloyds Project Operations team

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