A valuable piece of equipment from UK to Texas

Project cargo doesn’t always stand for large or heavy pieces of equipment. Sometimes all that makes the shipment unique is the value of the cargo. This time it was not only an incredibly valuable piece of equipment but it was also time critical for an upcoming project


Transporting fragile and specialized equipment is not an easy task. Not only does it require experience and technical knowledge, but also a certain personal attitude along with bespoke solutions to make sure the cargo arrives at the destination in perfect condition and within the requested time.

In this case, the challenge was to move a £5.4M worth of turbine from the Oil & Gas industry. Our regular customer did not hesitate to contact us, knowing that we have the skills and proactiveness that are necessary to oversee such a valuable and time-sensitive shipment.

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Quick Facts:

Cargo Origin: Heysham, Morecambe

Port of Loading: London Gateway

Port of Discharge: Houston, Texas

Cargo Destination: Jacinto City, Texas

Dimensions: 569 x 258 x 284.5cm

Weight: 12,600kg

Transit Time: 14 Days


Thanks to the dedicated and experienced staff we have on our team, this equipment was efficiently and safely delivered to the consignee in plenty of time for the customers strict delivery deadline.”

– Luke Wrench, Project Manager

How did we do it?

Using specialist transport, the cargo was collected loose from the client. Loading and lashing was overseen and supervised by our Specialist Marine Surveyor who was present through the entire handling process. The cargo – classified as out of gauge – was loaded and lashed onto a 40’ flat rack and was continually monitored throughout the shipment, from door to door. After arrival to the port of Houston, the cargo was stripped and delivered loose to the destination under DAP Terms.

Even though the shipment was planned with the greatest care and supervised all the way through with strong attention to detail (crucial for this demanding and valuable shipment) there are some challenges impossible to avoid no matter what. In this instance, that happened to be the booked vessel –  which suddenly decided to omit her UK call. Thanks to devoted staff overseeing the shipment we had managed to find an alternative vessel to accept the OOG cargo fast enough not to miss the ETA at the destination port.


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