Project Cargo Services

We work with manufacturers across industries to deliver oversized, specialist equipment with care.


Tuscor Lloyds has been involved in complex multimodal project cargo shipping for more than 22 years.

We provide awarding winning project cargo logistics to manufacturers around the globe.

Tuscor Lloyds have an enviable reputation as a highly effective worldwide operator in all types of project cargo shipments, with a portfolio of clients across oil and gas, construction, mining and energy industries.

We take on the biggest, most awkward, remote and complicated work in the industry. We do it because it is difficult and we love using creativity and intelligence to solve complex project cargo logistics problems.

Neel Ratti

General Manager

Oil & Gas Equipment Transportation

Oil and Gas

Our ability to transport heavy equipment to inaccessible areas of the world makes us the ideal choice for oil and gas project shipments.

Renewable Energy Transport

Renewable Energy Transport

We work with a variety of renewable energy companies to deliver specialist materials from overseas manufacturing plants.



We provide comprehensive heavy equipment transportation to the international construction sector.

Mining Equipment Transportation


Tuscor Lloyds have provided project logistics for the mining industry for more than 20 years.

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Recognised by the Industry

Tuscor Lloyds is an industry leader in project shipments. We have won awards for our project logistic services. after moving thousands of project consignments.

Our projects team have worked together for more than 20 years with vast expertise in heavy transportation and oversized specialist haulage jobs.

We work using local and global infrastructure, executing project movements by intelligently coordinating resources and orchestrating timing of movements.

With our highly trained and motivated project cargo staff on location as well as in our multiple offices, Tuscor Lloyds can be trusted with all your project shipping requirements.

Our project forwarding expertise includes:


BIFA Members
Project cargo Award Winners
ISO 9001 registered
AEO Accreditation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Project Cargo Shipping?

Project cargoes are oversized and heavyweight cargoes the delivery of which involves planning an optimal route and providing special transportation conditions as well as acquiring all types of permits from state control agencies.

What is Vessel Chartering?

Vessel Chartering is a service used when cargo is on a tight deadline or cannot be loaded onto standard container vessels.

Read more about our Vessel Chartering Services

What Destinations can you serve?

Tuscor Lloyds has the experience needed when shipping or forwarding freight to the world’s most obscure destinations as well as large transport hub worldwide.

Contact Us today to find out if we can help.

What is Multimodal Transportation?

Multimodal transport is the shipment of goods through various means i.e. road, rail, sea.