No matter how big or difficult the cargo may be, Tuscor Lloyds will manage your supply chain and find a solution suitable for your company. Click below for a quick and free quote on our Qatar shipping routes. 

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Qatar routes

Qatar Shipping routes

Being home to the 2022 World Cup, Qatar have had to import a huge amount of goods to build brand new stadiums. This has included a variety of construction equipment which is an industry that Tuscor Lloyds specialises in. Working with some of the worlds’ largest construction companies, we provide a reliable service to move essential equipment all over the world. One example of this is when we moved 2 x 6040 Backwalls from Durban to Antwerp.

  • Port of Hamad/Doha

  • Ras Laffan Port

  • Hamad International Airport

  • Doha International Airport