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Air & Sea Freight To Congo

republic of congo shipping routes

Republic of Congo shipping routes are available worldwide. Cargo movement to and from France and Singapore are common routes for the Republic of Congo. Tuscor Lloyds provide both air freight and sea freight for all Republic of Congo shipping routes. 

Republic of Congo shipping routes

Air & Sea Freight to Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is located in central Africa. They are well known for having rich resources in diamonds and in cobalt and copper.

There main exports is petroleum (crude oil) , logs and sawn timber. The main import into the country is textiles and machinery. 15% of imports come from Angola, 13% of imports come from France and 10% of imports come from Singapore.

We can provide service within these routes as we have a network of shipping agents in both France and Singapore.

  • Port of Boma
  • port of Matadi
  • Kinshasa International Airport
  • Goma International Airport
  • Bangoka International Airport