Based in the UK, we are a freight forwarder operating on a global scale and providing comprehensive services for cargo of all types. From  LCL/FCL shipments to customs clearance, Project Cargo handling by our highly trained staff who have the resources to transport your cargo around the world.

Even though sea freight has been around for decades, container shipping has changed ocean freight, and reduced the costs. We offer LCL (less than a container load) as groupage shipping, as well as FCL (full container load). 

Sea Freight Services

Sea Freight

Tuscor Lloyds offers services worldwide, including Mexico, USA, Canada, Belgium, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. If you would like to view more destinations then please check our shipping routes page.

Sea freight is the perfect freight forwarding service for larger goods or items that do not require a specific arrival time. Sea freight can accommodate for some of the largest items such as construction equipment due to its storage capacity. Tuscor Lloyds take pride in being able to move your cargo to the most ‘unreachable’ destinations in the world.

We are a top freight forwarder to Asia, North & South America, Australasia, and other locations nearby, shipping to hundreds of ports globally. Sea Freight, often known as ocean freight, is shipped by Tuscor Lloyds to all parts of the globe. 

Despite the fact that sea freight has been around for centuries, international container shipping has completely changed the industry and significantly cut expenses. We are pleased to take LCL (less than a container load) shipments as groupage shipping; you don’t need to fill a 20 or 40 foot container. Our overseas shipping prices are even more affordable because your pallet or carton delivery is combined with other cargo being shipped.

Out Of Gauge services

Out Of Gauge (OOG)

Out of gauge is cargo that is over height or over weight and therefore does not fit into a standard 20ft or 40ft container. 

Through our global network we source specialist freight equipment such as flat rack containers and heavy lift cranes, quickly and at locations close to the port as well as inland locations for greater flexibility.

Out of Gauge freight forwarder

ship chartering services

Ship Chartering

In the shipping business, chartering is the practise of a shipowner renting out the use of their vessel to a charterer. A charterparty is the name of the agreement between the parties. 

For special heavy cargoes, Tuscor Lloyds call upon specialist and fully compliant lift vessels which are full compliant and classified to make loading / unloading simple and efficient.

Tuscor Lloyds Ship Chartering Service


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Cross Trade services

Cross Trade Shipments

Cross-trade shipments are when merchandise is sent from one nation to another without first passing through the nation where the shipper’s company is registered. This is frequently done to benefit from cheaper shipping rates or to get around customs and import duties.

Tuscor Lloyds offers a wide range of extra services to customers for regular and cross trade transportation. 

Tuscor Lloyds Cross Trade Shipments

Break Bulk Services

Breakbulk Cargo

A service for Cargo with extreme weight or height, which are stowed on board a ship individually. 

Tuscor Lloyds was contracted to move an offshore generator set comprising of a 220 Ton Engine and a 55 Ton Alternator with various oversized accessories.

Tuscor Lloyds Breakbulk Services