Tuscor Lloyds can provide both full and part charter options for urgent cargoes where liner services don’t call or are unable to accept certain cargoes.

Through our network of trusted and vetted owners and reputable brokers, we can assist in finding a suitable vessel fixture to accommodate your cargo requirements.

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Ship Chartering Services

Tuscor Lloyds’ project managers collaborate with a wide network of international freight forwarders and ship brokers to locate appropriate charter vessels, while negotiating optimal routes and prices that align with your project requirements.

We only opt for chartering cargo vessels when it is logical and necessary, and when we believe that the cargo demands and budget justify such an endeavor. Our project management team takes personal responsibility for overseeing the shipment process at both the origin and destination ports, ensuring the safe loading and delivery of the cargo. They recognize the significance of being present on-site to supervise the often intricate maneuvers involved, such as lifting and securing valuable cargo on full or partially chartered vessels for long journeys across continents.

For particularly heavy and specialized cargoes, Tuscor Lloyds can call upon dedicated heavy lift vessels to facilitate a simple and efficient loading and unloading process. We adhere to the practices and guidelines set forth by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS). This provides our vessel chartering clients with complete confidence that their job is executed in accordance with the highest international and professional standards. Above all, our ship brokering teams closely uphold the ICS motto of “Our Word, Our Bond.”

Tuscor Lloyds’ ship chartering services are predominantly utilized for complex heavy project shipments within the offshore shipping, oil, and gas shipping industries. Our ability to source heavy lift vessels, break bulk vessels, and other specialized equipment sets Tuscor Lloyds apart as the ideal choice for charter shipments.

ship chartering

Ship Chartering Additional Services

  • Cargo and vessel surveys arranged by Lloyds or similar classification society members
  • Vessel attendance and cargo representation services
  • Landside operations both at load and discharge
  • Terminal services such as storage, tallying, pre-shipment inspection
  • Cargo customs clearance, fiscal and non-fiscal options

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When it comes to heavy cargo Tuscor Lloyds is a specialist, so they can source special vessels for loading/unloading and make it a simple and efficient process. We operate in line with the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) in practices and guidelines. This means that our clients can have full confidence that the work will be carried out to the highest international and professional standards. Most importantly, our brokers follow the ICS motto 'Our Word, Our Union'.

    Tuscor LLoyds services in the case of charter vessels are the most used for the transport of project, complex and heavy cargoes within the maritime transport, oil and gas offshore sectors. We have the ability to provide heavy lift vessels and breakbulk vessels, as well as other special equipment that makes Tuscor Lloyds the ideal choice for chartered vessel transportation.