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Tuscor Lloyds offers a full and part-time ship chartering service for cargo when liner services are not available. With their extensive network of fleet owners, they work with you to find the best vessel that will accommodate your project requirements.

Our project management staff will personally attend the shipment, port-side, both at origin and destination to ensure that your cargo is loaded onto our vessels safely. They understand how important onsite presence really is when overseeing delicate manoeuvres involving lifting valuable goods over long distances into ports all around world! 

ship chartering
Ship Chartering Services
For special heavy cargoes, Tuscor Lloyds call upon specialist and fully compliant lift vessels which are full compliant and classified to make loading / unloading simple and efficient. We operate in-line with Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) practices. This means that our customers can have full confidence that their job is carried out to the highest professional standards. Tuscor Lloyds has a fast turnaround of bookings, booking notes and charter parties.

When cargo is on a tight deadline or cannot be loaded, we find suitable vessels for charter. Negotiating the best routes and prices for projects is one of our main priorities.

- Global contact list of shipbrokers and owners 
- Turn-key projects providing door to door services 
- Lloyds approved marine surveys 
- Up to date advice on all required documentation and declarations 

ship chartering
Ship Chartering Services

• Global list of contacts of shipping agents and owners
• Key projects to provide door-to-door services
• Agility in changes of reservation, reservation notes and lease agreements
• All services in line with standards recognized by ICS
• Approved maritime studies
• Vessels fully compatible and classified for chartering
• Updating of the required documentation

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to heavy cargo Tuscor Lloyds is a specialist, so they can source special vessels for loading/unloading and make it a simple and efficient process. We operate in line with the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) in practices and guidelines. This means that our clients can have full confidence that the work will be carried out to the highest international and professional standards. Most importantly, our brokers follow the ICS motto 'Our Word, Our Union'.

Tuscor LLoyds services in the case of charter vessels are the most used for the transport of project, complex and heavy cargoes within the maritime transport, oil and gas offshore sectors. We have the ability to provide heavy lift vessels and breakbulk vessels, as well as other special equipment that makes Tuscor Lloyds the ideal choice for chartered vessel transportation.

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