Through 23 years of experience in shipping logistics, we have had a chance to work with many different industries. We welcomed challenges and managed thousands of various shipments to the world’s most inaccessible destinations. Our open attitude enabled us to quickly grow our experience and become specialists in project cargo shipments.

Now, in 2018, the most demanding projects are just the part of our everyday life. We have been consistently building our reputation and relationships in the various industries.

We are aware that project cargo shipments are not just about moving huge things around the world. Each industry and each element requires different knowledge and different approach.

The Oil and Gas Industry shipments need to reach the most remote destinations due to the discoveries of new fields or technological advancement happening all over the world. Thanks to our geographical understanding and flexibility, we can move oversized and heavy equipment to the distant locations in the most cost-effective way! Therefore, we are often trusted to manage oil and gas equipment on its way to the new location.

↓ Subsea Oilwell Equipment from Malta to the UK

We are also a trusted logistics supplier for the Construction Industry. Expensive and specialist construction equipment is not easy to be moved, but time is crucial here and meeting the deadlines is the key to a successful shipment. Our advantage comes from trusted suppliers and qualified teams in various locations, ready to pick up demanding cargo and prepare it for the journey quickly and professionally.

↓ Asphalt Plant from Mexico to Libya

It is similar if it comes to the Mining Industry. Not only are the mining operations carried away from areas of major infrastructure, but they also require equipment which cannot be moved without specific knowledge of different project cargo services. Fortunately, we have both the experience in the industry and connections all over the world, which allow us to move any mining equipment in the safe and timely manner.

↓ 32 Pieces of Mining Equipment from Belgium to Peru

Finally, we also provide logistics services for the Renewable Energy Transportation. We are happy to take part in any initiatives that help humans to live in more sustainable and environment-friendly way! We are also aware of how delicate and gentle these materials can be, therefore we are ready to offer bespoke solutions and qualified teams to handle these specific cargoes and make sure it arrives in perfect condition!

↓  Solar Farm Installation from Shanghai to the UK

In the end, all the projects we have worked on in the past, made us understand one thing: if you want to move shipments defined as project cargo – there is no standardized process, there is no pattern. Each shipment can surprise you in many ways and we need to be flexible and creative to meet our customer’s expectations.


Yet this is exactly what brought us here – knowledge of traditional methods and courage to use them in an innovative way.
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