Tuscor Lloyds specializes in air freight and sea freight services to Sudan, handling diverse cargo efficiently. Our expertise covers various goods, including machinery, manufactured items, and gold exports. With a global network, we ensure reliable transportation from Europe, Asia, and North America, offering tailored solutions via our trusted logistics professionals, consolidating our commitment to seamless freight forwarding services.

Sudan routes

Sudan Shipping routes

Sudan, located along the Red Sea, is a key shipping route for Tuscor Lloyds. Notably, Sudan’s imports majorly comprise manufactured goods (20%) and machinery (20%), while gold constitutes its primary export (70%). With China as a dominant import partner (78%), the Sudan to China route is prevalent. However, our freight forwarding company extends its services globally, linking Sudan with Europe, Asia, and North America via air freight or sea freight.

Tuscor Lloyds provides comprehensive air freight and sea freight services to Sudan, leveraging our expertise to handle diverse cargo types efficiently. Our trusted network of logistics professionals ensures seamless transportation, accommodating all forms of cargo. Whether it’s manufactured goods, machinery, or gold exports, our team ensures reliable and tailored shipping solutions to and from Sudan.

  • Khartoum International Airport
  • King Abdulaziz International Airport
  • Nyala Airport
  • King Khalid International Airport