Tank Container Specifications

Tank containers are used for the shipment of gases or liquids, they are often used for the transportation of hazardous cargoes such as fuel and toxic substances. Tank containers must be filled to a minimum of 80% capacity and must not exceed 95% capacity, this is to allow sufficient space for thermal expansion whilst preventing dangerous surging of the liquids in transit.

Approximately 95% of tank containers are built to 20ft specifications although they are also available as 10ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft containers. The ISO frame allows for these tank containers to be shipped using modern inter-modal shipping options which include container ships, rail lines and trucks. This flexibility provides a safe, reliable and cost-effective way to transport such cargoes to locations across the globe.

Container Specifications

Max Gross Weight:  30,480kgs (67,200 lb)

Tare Weight: 4,190 kg (9,237 lb)

Max. Payload: 26, 290 kg (57,959 lb)

External Dimensions:

Length: 6.05 m (19′-10″)

Width: 2.43 mm (8′-0″)

Height: 2.59 m (8′-6″)

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