Breakbulk Europe is the largest exhibition forum in the world

If you’re a logistics professional in breakbulk and project cargo, Breakbulk Europe is the place to go. With over 7,600 attendees last year and over 350 exhibitors, it’s still the most popular location, with people coming from all over the globe. With Breakbulk exhibitions in Russia, China, the USA, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, this expanding enterprise is offering more opportunities for networking with exhibitors, sponsors, freight forwarders, ports and terminals expo packers, ocean carriers – the list goes on.

With just 2 days for Breakbulk Europe, the agenda is packed with opportunities to learn new skills in 5 educational workshops, 6 conferences from industry experts and new this year will be 2 micro-seminars that will take place in the exhibition hall during the exhibition. There will be several more formal networking opportunities, including the opening welcome reception, a special guided tour for first-time exhibitors and VIP’s, and let’s not forget to mention Ports America’s sponsored happy hour.

After 2016 being a bit of a political roller coaster, there’s a lot of focus on how Brexit and Trump could affect the Maritime Industry. 2 of the conferences this year will be talking about trade and borders following on from the Trump Presidency and Article 50 being put into effect to trigger Brexit. 1 of these conferences will be led by  the Tuscor Lloyds team. The conferences will look at the educated predictions that can help the industry prepare for what the future may hold, now that Brexit is going ahead. You can join us for the chat on the Tuesday at 11:35 am and be sure to stick around for the Q&A.

Breakbulk 2016
Breakbulk 2016 Team
Breakbulk 2016

With only 4 weeks to go until Breakbulk Europe, the Tuscor Lloyds team are getting excited. This year will be Tuscor Lloyds 10th year at Breakbulk Europe. The exhibition has always provided a great platform to communicate the Tuscor Lloyds brand and grow our global network. Those who already know our brand know that we tend to do things a little differently, from creative stand design to quirky giveaways.

With the start of 2017 seeing lots of development in artificial intelligence and more emphasis on technology, we are putting the focus onto the amazing people at the heart of our team. This year Tuscor Lloyds are focusing on promoting how incredible our staff and network of partners are. We are inviting clients and partners old and new to be a part of our unique family.

Tuscor Lloyds have always broken the mould when it comes to what people associate with shipping. We always strive to humanise the industry and this year we are bringing our ‘home’ to our home at Breakbulk! We have created a relaxed, intimate setting, surrounded by essentials like cosy blankets, family pictures and a fireplace.

We aim to have creative and innovative chats over a cuppa or a beer. Keeping with the ‘creative design theme’ a special feature has been built into our stand this year, that will give people the opportunity to become a part of the Tuscor Lloyds family album and add us to theirs!

Be sure to come and visit us and meet our family!
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