Word has it that seaborne trade accounts for about 90% of the global trade. It’s a great choice of transport for any cargo that is an oversized and heavy load and travels a long distance. Despite all the GHG emissions, shipping is still more environmentally friendly than airfreight and definitely more economical. Longer transit times do not scare people away and this year the WATERWORLD Breakbulk Europe photo contest expects lots of participants!

Photos taking part in this year’s first competition must picture jobs that took place on or near water, ‘whether that’s across the open seas, down the Rhine or across the Great Lakes.’

And without a doubt, it’s worth a shot! Not only we will see all the pictures on display at the event but there is something special for the lucky winner!



‘All entries will be on display at Breakbulk Europe, 29-31 May 2018 in Bremen, Germany. Winning photo will be printed in Breakbulk Magazine Issue 3, featured in the WaterWorld Display at the event, AND … the winner will be a part of the official ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Welcome Reception!’

– Breakbulk says

Cargoes transported by our project teams do indeed spend lots of time on the water, as we specialize in project cargo shipments that often require this form of transport due to its size and weight. Yet usually it’s not the only transport mode that we choose for our projects. We focus on combining different solutions that improve the transit time and provide the best quality, efficiency and safety of the shipment to keep our customers happy with the service!


Here are the images we selected for the WaterWorld competition:


We were asked to move crane components from the manufacturers in Xiamen China to the end user in Amsterdam. Total shipment was 389 tonnes and 2300 CBM.

The image shows the pre-carriage of one of the pieces from the manufacturers quay to the deep sea terminal in Xiamen where we loaded the piece onto a heavy lift vessel which we had chartered for the job.

We moved 5 boilers and their installation ducts from a factory in inland China. The 5 projects combined came to 944 tonnes and 37500 CBM.

The image shows loading of one of the main boilers which travelled by river barge on the Yangtze to Yangshan port in Shanghai where it was consolidated on a container vessel with its installation components, which travelled to Shanghai on the on road and were stuffed to flat racks.

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