What does it mean to be a woman in maritime?


The shipping industry has many faces. Depending on previous experiences, various pictures can come to you head when thinking of women in maritime.

Is she a tireless seafarer, fighting the elements on deck? Being perceived as a sensitive human being she proves we can be both delicate and strong. Maybe that’s being a human – regardless of gender.

Maybe she wears a suit instead of the overalls? In this male-dominated industry, she leads the meetings and negotiations to provide the most impossible solutions to her clients, spreading their product all around the world.

Or is she the one at the desk, always focused and quiet? Her dedication creates strategies that allow moving oversized cargo between the most remote destinations.

And maybe she is a captain of the ship or a CEO of the shipping company, and her empathy allows her to solve problems of the people before they become problems of the company.

Maybe she’s none of them.

Maybe she isn’t aware, these opportunities exist.

Or maybe she does, but the world convinced her it’s not the place for a girl.


Maybe she’s none of them.

We believe – she could be all of them.

We need all those strong personalities to step up and lead others by example, sharing own stories, battles and successes. 

- Marta Kuzma, Marketing & Communications


Along with all the maybes, come many dilemmas and questions.

We decided to address them with some of the great women working at Tuscor Lloyds!

What does it mean to be a woman working in shipping or logistics?

Being a woman in maritime is nothing else than being a woman the way you already know it. Logistics is in our nature! If you can coordinate your home, kids/plants/pets, work, exercise, love life and still find time for a coffee with friends or polishing your nails, you can do Shipping! – Suellen Higino

 As a woman, there is nothing better than attending a conference or a meeting where it is mainly male dominated and holding your own. We are seeing more of this now and I really hope this continues as we need more women in the industry. – Emma Fitton

When I started my career in this industry over 10 years ago, being a ‘woman in maritime’ was somehow unusual. Nowadays, there are more and more of us and we need to stop seeing this sort of career as something uncommon or challenging for women. This is the first step to make significant changes, changing the perspective. – Mirella Castle

Shipping industry is the place to find a career and not just a job.

- Emma Fitton, Business Development

How does being a woman impact your personality, help you in broadening your mind and self-growth?

For me, working in this industry for the past 15 years and seeing how far I have grown makes me very proud. After originally starting as just a job with no insight to shipping at all, I soon realised the potential and have used my knowledge and skills to grow from a Junior to Operations and on to Sales. There are great opportunities within the Industry, and although at times it includes long hours / long phone calls and long emails – it is always rewarding when you secure business and the customer is happy.Emma Fitton

This industry means a constant challenge. It demands extra efforts from us – women – to prove our skills and knowledge. All these ‘extra efforts’ made me grow professionally and kept me challenging myself in all areas of my life. Shipping demands quick reactions, having backup plans at all times and being able to anticipate possible problems. Improving those skills improved my personal life as well.  – Suellen Higino

Embrace your chance to stand out.

- Billie Cawley, Operations & Account Management


How do you think the industry could benefit from employing more women?

Diversity.  As the industry becomes more complex, it requires the employment of efficient staff, no matter the gender or age for that matter! – Billie Cawley

I believe that in the industry with such a strong presence of men, gaining more insights from women and learning their point of view would bring a more balanced and accurate perception of the market.
– Suellen Higino

I think the benefits are the same as employing men? What you can bring to the team – this is what matters.
– Mirella Castle

No day in shipping is the same and most days come with problems. Women have a very calm approach to solving them, us women assess the situation and calmly resolve. We get things done! – Emma Fitton


A rapid change in the market requires a new influence to grow and compete.

- Billie Cawley, Operations & Account Management

To support all the women in Maritime & Shipping

we all signed a pledge created by 

Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association:

We pledge to:

“Embrace diversity of thought (including gender, race, ethnicity, and age), and contribute to a merit-based business environment within my organisation. I will be a champion of equal opportunity and equal pay. My behaviour will reflect how I wish our industry to behave in the future. I will work – and encourage others to work – toward a diverse and inclusive maritime sector.”

We strongly encourage every person to sign the petition

and contribute to creating a better future of shipping!

Don’t be intimidated by your perception of the industry, because we are waiting for someone just like you!

- Mirella Castle, Operations & Account Management

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