Automation, advanced technology, artificial intelligence – recently all the smart new inventions seem to be promising hope and provoking fear at the same time. Some people immediately associate new technological improvements with humans being replaced with robots. Well, I don’t want to alarm you, my friends, but we have already been replaced.


Just not in the way you might think of.

Let’s talk about humanity. As you might already know, walking on two feet and having an opposable thumb do not necessarily make us human. In fact, if we consider only these kinds of features, we may as well high five the monkeys. Going deeper, neither is it about the ability to empathize or build relationships, because recent studies have shown that animals might be able to do this as well.

Perhaps it is about self-reflection, the ability to study ourselves, and see ourselves from another perspective. Let’s use this amazing skill now to do a little mental leap and analyze what I just told you. Can you do it? Perfect, congratulations, you are still a human.

Now, what about relationships? How often do you think about other people? How often do you actually listen to them? If this thought gives you the chills, and you feel like changing the subject, then you are surely not a monkey, but you may be a robot. And you don’t want to be one of those, right? We’ve become so automatic. Not necessarily in our private lives, but in business. You can now speak to robots instead of humans in call centres, but sometimes you can’t tell the difference.

Imagine a world in which we care more for the people we work with. In which greetings are not just a part of the routine. In which one asks for the other’s name during a phone conversation because one truly wants to talk with Mark, and not with Maersk. And we hope Mark has a good day at work and will also have a great afternoon. Not because it adds a kind vibe to the professional conversation, but because we wish the same for ourselves, as we do for others. These are simple things that would make a significant difference in the business world.  We are not characters of an American-wall-street-kind-of-tv-series. We can put a bit of humanity in our business personalities and treat each other as humans, not just another professional in a suit.


In the end, it’s not the big names, that matter.


The only way to establish a valuable business relationship is to care for individuals, before the company itself. To paraphrase Richard Branson, take care of people, and the people will take care of business.
That’s why at Tuscor Lloyds we value relationships. We call ourselves the people’s people because we treat people well, we respect them and care for them.


And so we all grow together.

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