Autonomous Cargo Ship Completes 500 Mile Journey Using Artificial Intelligence

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news summary

With the emergence of artificial intelligence, there’s no surprise it is being introduced to the shipping industry. A 749 Gross Ton vessel has become the world’s first commercial cargo ship to be navigated autonomously by artificial intelligence (A.I),Electrek reported.   This 500-mile journey started from Tokyo Bay and ended in Ise Bay, Suzaka. 

Earlier this year, according to a press release, a large ferry in Japan was successfully navigated autonomously over 149 miles. Within the space of a few months, there is now a commercial cargo ship replicating this autonomous approach to shipping. The impact of this new artificial intelligence could result in less staff being needed to operate cargo ships. 

The introduction of this navigation system could be a key break through for automating all maritime transport. Will this new technology prove to be the future of shipping?