Hyundai Heavy showcases safe vanadium-ion battery to power next-generation ships

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Hyundai Heavy Industries showcases the use of a potentially revolutionary marine battery but without the risk of fires or explosions. This development to tackle shipping decarbonisation involves the use of a vanadium-ion battery to create an energy storage system for vessels.

A vanadium-ion battery contains an electrolyte made from a mixture of water and ground vanadium. One feature of this mixture is the minimal heat production, even in the event of overcharge or shocks.

Also, its output power and lifespan is almost double that of Lithium-ion batteries which are currently used in energy storage systems for electric and hybrid ships. Despite Lithium-ion batteries having the ability to achieve a compact size even in a large capacity, it is highly explosive due to the electrolyte it contains.  

Hyundai Heavy are hoping to get the solution verified within the first half of 2023. 

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