Top 3 Ways Tuscor Lloyds Will Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Top 3 Ways Tuscor Lloyds Will Strengthen Your Supply Chain

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3 Ways Tuscor Lloyds Will Help
Strengthen Your Supply Chain

1.1. Global network

  • Tuscor Lloyds has various offices across the world in a range of countries such as the UK, Mexico, Canada, US and Turkey. This has led Tuscor to develop strong relationships with freight carriers worldwide.  
  • As an agent forwarder we are therefore able to help you penetrate new markets as we can transport to almost anywhere, no matter the cargo size.


  • Similarly, as outlined by Mentzer et al. (2004) logistic services have become a significant source of differentiation between firms due to the challenges that exist in this sector.
  • Factors such as diverse regulations across borders, longer lead times and increased transportation costs are all managed by Tuscor.
  • We help ensure the best carrier for your cargo is selected at the best price possible based on our increasing industry experience.

2. Team of experts

  • Tuscor has over 200 years combined experience.
  • As a result of having worked with a multitude of companies we have improved our supply chain costs . For example, using the most efficient modes of transport.
  • We also provide up to date information of shipments from the beginning (where the cargo is shipped from) to end. Thus, ensuring the operations run smoothly by taking care of the logistics behind shipments. We pride ourselves in delivering an exceptional experience for our clients. 
  • We open out of hours, providing 24/7 availability so shipments can be made anywhere anytime without the limit of office hours. 

3. Specialist services

  • Out of Gauge -Tuscor Lloyds network of agents and brokers will locate the right vessel for the job, negotiating the best routes and prices.
  • Cross trade– we handle multimodal shipments across land air and sea with precision and efficiency.
  • With our network of agents and offices in key transportation locations around the world. Tuscor Lloyds are ideally positioned to carry out cross trade shipments.
  • Breakbulk- with the experience of frequent projects that require innovative planning and organization we are able to ship large cargo by air, land and sea. 
  • Airfreight services– we offer a wide range of air freight solutions from smaller consolidated volumes to full air charter solutions.