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58 tonne Cable Reel transported as Breakbulk cargo from the UK to Philippines via South Korea.

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Tuscor Lloyds picked up the steel wire rope reel from the manufacturers in Newcastle and transported the breakbulk cargo by road to the port of Felixstowe 300miles south of Newcastle. The project cargo team at Tuscor Lloyds opted to ship the cargo from Felixstowe rather than the port of Newcastle because this allowed a reduced transit time and a more direct shipment from the UK via South Korea and onwards to the Philippines.

The cargo arrived on time at the port of Felixstowe and was delivered quay side where two 40ft flatrack containers had already been lifted and loaded onto the container vessel. Onsite surveyors agreed to the lift plan put forward by the stevedores and using a heavy lift crane fitted with the appropriate gear the break bulk cargo was lifted and positioned above the two flat rack containers.

The cable reel was lowered onto the bed of flatrack containers which had been fitted with heavy dunnage spanning the complete width of the two flat racks in order to spread the weight and increase friction.

Securing was carried out by the port stevedores using wooden chocks (nailed in position), 2 ton webbing lashings on each corner and 4 ton webbing lashings to the arms of the reel. This ensured the cargo was completed secured to the bed of flat rack containers and would be safe for the ocean transit to the port of Busan, South Korea.


The cargo arrived safely at the port of Busan and was unloaded from the vessel using onsite cranes fitted with specialist gear for the heavy cargo. Once at the port of Busan the cargo was loaded onto low loader trucks and delivered to the port of Masan.

From the port of Masan the cargo was loaded onto another container vessel using two more flatrack containers and again secured using wooden chocks and webbing lashings / ratchet straps before being shipped from Masan, South Korea to the port of Manila, the Philippines.

The cargo was delivered successfully and made the journey on time and without taking any damage

breakbulk from UK to Philippines
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breakbulk from UK to Philippines
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