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Out Of Gauge Cargo Transported From Southampton to Qatar

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Port of Loading: Southampton, UK

Port of Destination: Doha, Qatar

Method: Out of Gauge 

Cargo: Emergency air compressor and multiple diesel generators

Weight: 20 tonnes (2 largest parts)

Dimensions: 8 x 3.3 x 4 meters (2 largest parts)


Tuscor Lloyds were requested by another UK freight forwarder to handle the ocean transportation of six out of gauge 40ft flat rack containers from the UK to Qatar. This shipment was made up of multiple cargoes including an emergency air compressor and multiple diesel generators.

The cargo was ready at the Port of Southampton, when Tuscor Lloyds were asked to organise space on a container vessel which could take the flatrack containers, and the high cube in order to transport the cargo to Doha.


The two largest pieces of cargo weighed in at over 20 tonnes each and had dimensions of 8 x 3.3 x 4 meters. Some of the cargo pieces where slightly smaller and in-gauge (height) which allowed for the 40ft flatracks to be stacked on top of each other. By stacking the flatrack containers, Tuscor Lloyds were able to fit the total shipment into a smaller space.

All six of the flat racks had to be checked twice over to ensure that each cargo piece was safely and completely secured to the containers for the ocean transportation to Qatar. Thanks to the experienced stevedores dock side at the Port of Southampton, the cargo was quickly cleared for shipment and loaded onto the vessel.

The cargo arrived at the Port of Doha, where the flatracks were unloaded onto low loader trucks, and transported to site by road. The multimodal shipment arrived on time and in perfect condition thanks to all parties involved.

Out of Gauge freight forwarder
Out of Gauge freight forwarder
Out of Gauge freight forwarder