220 tonnes offshore generator set from Germany to Nigeria

220 tonnes offshore generator set from Germany to Nigeria

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Origin Country: Germany

Destination Country: Nigeria

Method: Breakbulk

Cargo Details: 1 Engine with Alternator and accessories

Engine Dimensions: 1220 x 390 x 540 cms / 220 Metric Tonnes

Alternator Dimensions: 520 x 330 x 370 cms / 55.4 Metric Tonnes


Tuscor Lloyds was contracted to move an offshore generator set comprising of a 220 Ton Engine and a 55 Ton Alternator with various oversized accessories. Our role was to arrange delivery of the cargo from multiple storage locations in Germany using inland coaster vessels and trucks into the port of loading. Upon arrival at the port, the cargo was discharged to the quay using mobile cranes specially hired and brought in for the operation. Finally, upon arrival of the heavy-lift ocean-going vessel, we arranged via our stevedoring partners for the pre-slinging and lifting to the ships hold.

Nick Rodriguez, Director of Tuscor Lloyds personally oversaw this project:

“This job was an unusual one for us, the terms of shipment had our client’s buyer arranging the charter of the heavy-lift ocean-going vessel. Our responsibly was to move the cargo from storage to the load port within the nominated laycan for the heavy-lift vessel. The sizes and weights involved made this a difficult undertaking. It was a challenging job that required extensive planning and some long working days and nights for all involved.”