Out of Gauge project from Belgium to Mexico | Tuscor Lloyds

Out of Gauge project from Belgium to Mexico

Out of Gauge project from Belgium to Mexico

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Cargo origin: Europe

Port of Loading: Antwerp

Cargo destination: Mexico

Port of Loading: Antwerp

Port of Destination: Veracruz

Dimensions: 7760 x 3000 x 3300 mm

Method: Out of Gauge


Tuscor Lloyds was recently contacted to transport, manage & plan the unloading of an Out of Gauge case, stuffing operations of the Out of Gauge case on a 40FT flat rack which was to be eventually loaded on board of an oceangoing carrier. The project required precise planning & innovative thinking to overcome the challenges and difficulties faced. 

It was understood that due to the heavy weight of the case of some 36,720 MT and the restricted width of some 3-meters, sufficient spreading of the weight was to be taken into account to prevent point load on the flatrack. 

Originally a side end point load method was advised, however, as we did not want to stress the case in any way, we asked the Shipping Line if it would be acceptable to a use uniform weight spreading method.

After the case was loaded onto a 40FT flatrack, the OOG cargo was covered with a one-way woven polypropylene tarpaulin, secured and lashed to withhold the conditions of sea transport. Once the cargo was lashed, the 40FT flatrack was lifted on board the vessel by means of a gantry crane.

No anomalies during lifting manipulations could be observed supporting the success of the project. Once loaded onto the seagoing vessel at Antwerp, the cargo arrived in Veracruz 3 weeks later.


This shipment was entrusted to Tuscor Lloyds on both our vast experience of Out of Gauge and heavy cargo, but also due to our market competitive pricing achieved to suit the client’s budget. This was a unique and challenging project for Tuscor Lloyds, however, with over 28 years of industry experience, our team of experts ensured the cargo was delivered safely, securely and within the estimated arrival time.

Out of gauge freight forwarder UK
Out of gauge freight forwarder UK
Out of gauge freight forwarder UK