9000kg Fuel Tank To Isle Of Jersey

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quick facts

Cargo: 1x new Fuel Tank

Cargo dimensions: 1.3×2.5×3.3m

Duration: 4 x working days

Cargo weight: 9000kg

Collection from: Manufacturer

Cargo Destination: Jersey

How We Did It

Tuscor Lloyds recently completed a domestic cargo movement.  The cargo, a new Fuel Tank, weighed in at 9000kg and was 11.3m x 2.5×3.3m in dimension.  It was collected directly from its UK manufacturer and was transported using a flatbed trailer.  The delivery of this cargo was perfectly timed to allow it to be lifted straight from the trailer into the required place of offloading, installed into a newly built petrol forecourt.  All parties involved in this project adhered to meticulous COVID-19 safety protocols at all times.   
Including the local permits and escort that was required, the total transit time by road for this project was just 4 working days to Isle of Jersey, the cargo’s destination. 

Business Development and Operations Manager, Martyn Blackburn, oversaw this project:

“I was incredibly pleased with how smoothly this project ran, especially considering the difficulties that have come as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We managed to transport this cargo on a passenger vessel, as at the time alternative options were limited.  Even during the most challenging of circumstances, we can always find a way to move cargo safely and efficiently”.