Aerospace cargo from Southampton to Tacoma

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Quick facts

Industry: Aerospace 

Method: Breakbulk 

Cargo origin: Southampton, UK 

Cargo destination: Tacoma, USA

Port of loading: Port of Southampton 

Port of destination: Port of Tacoma 

Cargo weight: 52 tonnes 

How we did it

Tuscor Lloyds recently completed a breakbulk project of aerospace equipment from Southampton, UK to Tacoma, USA.

The cargo was crated and secured, ready for transport by the client and then collected loose by specialist low-loader trailer to the Port of Southampton.Due to the weight of the crate (52 tonnes) the cargo was too heavy for flat rack or containerised shipping methods so Tuscor Lloyds organised cargo onto a direct Breakbulk service from Southampton, UK to Tacoma, USA.

Specialist cranes were booked in advance at Southampton Port to handle the super heavy crate.  Lifting diagrams were also provided in advance as part of the pre-plan lifting procedure.  Upon the arrival of the trailer, a lifting beam/spreader was used to balance the weight of the crate during lifts. Once the cargo was loaded to the vessel it sailed directly across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal and then North up the Western Seaboard. 

Upon arrival at Tacoma, the cargo was discharged from the vessel using a similar crane method to the one used in Southampton. The cargo was then loaded to a US equivalent low-loader trailer and transported to its final destination just north of the border in Vancouver, Canada.

Derek Griffiths, of the Tuscor Lloyds Project Operations Team oversaw this project:

“Even though the cargo was a single piece weighing in at a hefty 52 tonnes, the lifting and movement of this aerospace equipment was a delicate operation.”

“All of the suppliers involved in this shipment performed their respective jobs with great skill and proficiency. All co-ordinated in the UK by Tuscor Lloyds.”